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30 years of experience in mixing, editing, and recording audio.  Duplication, sound reinforcement available.

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State of the art, most trusted name brand studio and location equipment available.

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he Chicago Killer: The Hunt for Serial Killer John Wayne Gacy is the story of the capture of John Wayne Gacy, as told from the perspective of the former Chief of Detectives of the Des Plaines, Illinois, Police Department Joseph Kozenczak.

The conviction of Gacy on 33 counts of murder is significant in the annals of the criminal justice system in the United States. Two articles give the listener a comprehensive insight on the use of psychics and the lie-detector in a serial murder investigation.

location & studio equipped

fur windscreen windshield wind muff for microphone

Location Equipment

  • Sound Devices 633 Mixer/Recorder
  • Soundcraft EPM8 Mixer
  • (2) Schoeps MK41/CUT1/CMC5U Mic
  • Scheops CMIT5U Shotgun Package
  • Sennheiser MKH60 Package
  • (2)AKG Blue Line Sets
  • Dugan Model E Automixer
  • K-Tek and Lightwave Fishpoles
  • Countryman EMW (8), B6 (6), and B3 (6) Lavaliers
  • Sony Headphones
  • Sanken COS11 (3) Lavaliers
  • DPA 4061 (2) Lavaliers
  • (2) Lectrosonics L Series Wireless Body Pack Systems
  • Lectrosonics Venue System with (6) UM400a transmitters
  • Lectrosonics Plug on cube and 411 receiver
  • Lectrosonics SRb 2 channel receiver with SM transmitters
  • CEDAR DNS2 Portable Noise Reduction
  • Coles Lip Mic
  • (2) Beyer Dynamic M201 Handheld Mics
  • (8) Heil PR20 Stand Mics
  • (3) Shure SM57 Stand Mics
  • Nagra, Zoom, and Korg Handheld recorders
  • Sound Devices 744T Recorder
  • OKM Soundman Studio Binaural Mic
  • JBL Control 1 Extreme Speakers w/JBL 20 watt Amp
  • Soundfield SP451 “B” Format to 5.1 Decoder
  • Soundfield ST250 Mic System
  • Brahma Standalone Ambisonics Microphone
  • Lake DSP Dolby Headphone Amp
  • Lots of cables and adapters

Studio Equipment

  • Steinberg Nuendo Digital Audio Workstation
  • Other MacOS DAWs and editors
  • Apple MacOS Leopard System
  • Waves Gold Native Plugins
  • Many other plugins
  • Genelec Monitors
  • izotope RX Noise Reduction
  • CEDAR DNS1000 Noise Reduction
  • 1000’s of Sound Effects

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