Summer 2016

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Big News!

A short newsletter but all big news, so I’ll get right to it.

CEDAR DNS2 Portable Noise Reduction Is Here
Portable 2-Channel Noise Suppressor – Smaller, Lighter, more Portable and Easier to use
Already used on several shoots, this device is the perfect way to tame locations when better sounding ones aren’t an option or when time is ultra-critical.  Ask about adding it to the kit list or purchase!

DNS2 Front

Now Available!  Check out the latest release from Pro Sound Effects.
Which I had the pleasure of recording all over the city.  Featuring over 3 hours of ambiances ready for VR, immersive audio, and any need for urban backgrounds, it continues the series of infinitely usable atmospheres Pro Sound Effects started last year with NYC Ambisonics. It includes the Soundfield SurroundZone 2 Plugin for ProTools or any VST or AU host, which will allow you to change direction, focus, capsule polar patterns and output in channel configurations from stereo (or mono!) to 7.1.
Chgo Ambi

Take your sound to the Next Level Check out the full library by clicking here!  

Pro Sound Effects® develops the most useful sound effects libraries for next level media production. Audio professionals in post, games, film and television rely on PSE libraries to fuel creativity, finish projects faster, and produce better sound. Our libraries span the sonic spectrum, are continually updated and accessible 24/7 online, on drive, and from any computer.



The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge funds a significant gene discovery! 

As many of you know, I’m involved with the ALS Association Greater Chicago Chapter, currently serving as Vice President of the Board. I’m sure everyone remembers the Ice bucket Challenge, started two years this summer. In the largest-ever study of familial ALS, funded by the incredible donations generated by the Challenge, a new gene has been identified that multiple roles in neurons. Disruptions have been linked to increased risk of ALS. For more information and to donate please click here!


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