August 2017

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Summer fun, more recent wireless news, and stuff for sale.

The good the bad, and the meh

Good news and bad, and another look at the major city charts Lectrosonics has put together.





Nancy Shanahan of Vision Media Inc. was developing a show opener for a new, large client with a really large audience at a recent meeting and needed to bring them something engaging and stronger than what they had been getting. We collaborated remotely to develop a 3 minute motion picture strength sound track, about 50 tracks thick, with effects and multiple voice talent with a music track that was reedited and slightly modified to meet the needs of the piece. Visuals were edited after the track was designed but having many of them before it was developed gave us a good idea of timings needed. Along with many stock sound effects, some originals were created, including one using Sound Particles, a fascinating sound design app that provides interesting and random movement in stereo and immersive formats. It’s deep and rich, and i’ve barely scratched the surface on what it can do.

Thanks Nancy for a challenging project!

Lake County Tourism

Heading into Lollapolooza? The folks in Lake County don’t want you to forget them. A whole series of spots and YouTube videos are out, directed by Steve Avery of Orchard for DHD client Lake County Tourism. I did sound for the Libation Trail, shot at Mickey Finn’s and North Shore Distillery (no comments!). For the beer pour in the Mickey Finn’s spot I placed the always reliable Countryman EMW inside the edge of the glass to get all the detail of the pour and no damage to the waterproof (and beer-proof) mic after a light rinse and shake. Worth it!



Distinct Distilling at North Shore Distillery in Lake County, Illinois

Local Libations at Mickey Finn’s in Lake County, Illinois


Gear for sale

Have a few things that might be of interest, let me know!

Realistic PZM x3
Oktava MK-012-01
Shure SCM810 in carry rack with output plate
Lectrosonics AM8 in rack with output plate
Neumann RSM190i
Sound Devices 744T
CinePro Power Station II
Apogee Duet Firewire
Benchmark IFA9 Analog Distribution Amplifier

Gear in the Closet

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